80.00 USD

Purchasing this rank will get you the perks listed below, as well as all the perks offered by every other rank. Make sure you note which servers these perks are offered on before purchasing! More perks WILL be added to this rank as we launch more servers! /squidequip to use your perks!

ALL Servers:

"Superfan" beside your nameplate; above your head - set this to any color, even gradients, of your choice!

Hub/Creative ONLY:

∎ Color Bomb Gadget: Preview coming soon!

∎ Black Hole Gadget: Preview coming soon!

∎ Mystical Cloak: Preview coming soon!

∎ Firework Spark Particle: Preview coming soon!

∎ Witch Morph: Disguise yourself as a witch, tossing fake potions at your friends!

Survival ONLY:

/ec - Open your Enderchest anywhere!

∎ /craft - Open a Crafting Table anywhere!

∎ /condense & /uncondense - Automatically crafts (or uncrafts) all items in your inventory into blocks! Example: Ingots into Blocks.

∎ /gift - Gift the specified player the item in your hand!

∎ 1 Free Equipment Holder - Make any piece of equipment either invisible, or look like another item, instantly!

1 Free Custom Fish Region w/Rain - Get your own region in Claim with 3 special fish we help you create, and perm rain!

∎ Early Access to new content - Get updates FIRST!