squid With Benefits

10.00 USD

Support the server, 30 days at a time, while you gain the perks listed below! more perks WILL be added to this rank as we launch more servers! 

∎ Gain 10% more squid from afk on from playing on Survival/Creative, or while afk on Hub! 

∎ Change your username's color with /namecolor

∎ Get each seasons SurvivalPass for free!

∎ EXCLUSIVE squid With Benefits Nameplate Tag くコ:彡 

Survival ONLY:

Glow Squid Perk Pet: Gives 30 mins of /nv once per hour

∎ These are upgraded versions of the playtime rank pets!

Equip cosmetically with /squidequip

∎ Use its perk with /perks