55.00 USD

Purchasing this rank will get you the perks listed below, as well as all the perks offered by the Fan, Supporter, Enthusiast, and Patron Ranks. Make sure you note which servers these perks are offered on before purchasing! More perks WILL be added to this rank as we launch more servers! /squidequip to use your perks!

Hover your mouse over the cosmetic items to view a preview gif! 

ALL Servers:

∎ An icon of your choice before your Server Rank. 

Example: [🌻] Flower | Coinnle > Messages here  

CHOOSE your Server Rank color by contacting ModMail!

∎ CHOOSE your Prefix with /icon! 

Add a color to your name with /namecolor!   

ChromaSlime.gif∎ Chroma Slime Animated Hat: A flashy head with a silly face! 

SuperheroCape.gif Superhero Cloak: Show off like the absolute superhero of support that you are! 

MobSpellParticle.gifMob Spell Particle: A rainbow crown of potion effect particles! 

Surprised.gifCheeky Emote: Oh my god what is this??? 

∎ /me

Hub/Creative ONLY:

tntFountain.gifTNT Fountain Gadget: BOOM! BANG! BOOM! Become a fountain of destruction! 

Trampoline.gif∎ Trampoline Gadget: Send everyone absolutely flying, and they'll thank you for it!  

tntFountain.gif∎ Diamond Shower Gadget Show off how awesome you are by spewing all sorts of diamond items from your face!

tntFountain.gif∎ Spooderman Suit: Dress up like Spoodey and you can even webswing around! 

tntFountain.gif∎ Portal Gun: Holy... a working portal gun? Try not to have too much fun!

∎ Armor Stand Disguise: They'll never suspect a thing!  (COMING SOON)  

Survival ONLY:

Owl Perk Pet: Gives 30 mins of /fly once per hour, OR 12 hours of /fly once every 24!

∎ These are upgraded versions of the playtime rank pets!

Equip cosmetically with /squidequip

∎ Use its perk with /perks