30.00 USD

Purchasing this rank will get you the perks listed below, as well as all the perks offered by the Fan and Enthusiast Ranks. Make sure you note which servers these perks are offered on before purchasing! More perks WILL be added to this rank as we launch more servers! /squidequip to use your perks!

Hover your mouse over the cosmetic items to view a preview gif! 

ALL Servers:

∎ A bow and arrow icon before your Server Rank. 

Example: [🏹] Supporter | Coinnle > Messages here  

DealWithIt.gifDeal With It Emote: Deal. With. It. 

∎ /hat

Hub/Creative ONLY:

MelonLauncher.gif∎ Melon Launcher Gadget: Toss melons around, and when you run over their slices, go-fast!

Popper.gif∎ Party Popper Gadget: Become the party popper. Become the party.

Speedster.gif∎ Speedster Suit: Run super duper fast when you equip this outfit!

SmashDown.gif∎ Smashdown: Fly into the air, then send blocks rippling outwards when you smash back down!

∎Minecart (TNT) Disguise: My, what an explosive personality you have! (COMING SOON) 

Survival ONLY:

Grandma Perk Pet: /feed every 10 mins

∎ These are upgraded versions of the playtime rank pets!

Equip cosmetically with /squidequip

∎ Use its perk with /perks