10.00 USD

Purchasing this rank will get you the perks listed below. Make sure you note which servers these perks are offered on before purchasing! More perks WILL be added to this rank as we launch more servers! /squidequip to use your perks!

ALL Servers:

∎ An axe icon before your Server Rank. 

Example: [🪓] Fan | Coinnle > Messages here

Cool.gif∎ Cool Emote: Show everyone just how cool you are with this animated emote!


Hub/Creative ONLY:

Cookie.gif∎ Cookie Fountain Gadget: Fountain cookies out of your head! 

Baker.gif∎  Baker's Suit: A cosmetic armor suit that allows you to spew baked goods at everyone you see!     

Popper.gif∎ Party Popper: Shoot confetti at people, it's fun!

∎ Squid Disguise: Disguise yourself as a squid! Useful, right? (COMING SOON)

Survival ONLY:

PerkPet: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird - Gives slowfall when ridden

∎ These are upgraded versions of the playtime rank pets!

∎ Equip cosmetically with /squidequip

∎ Use its perk with /perks